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Our process

Find out more about the process of starting to work with Vertis Accounting

Whether Vertis Accounting is the first accountant for your business or you’re moving to us, we’ll follow the same transparent and straightforward process. We’ve set out the steps below. We’ll always move at your pace – we can complete the process in a matter of days if time is of the essence. Equally, we can arrange our service to begin at a convenient date several months ahead.

30 Minute Introductory Call
The first step is an introductory call. It’s a no-obligation conversation where we find out about your business and you find out more about us. At the end of the call, we’ll know if we’re a good fit for each other.
Written Proposal
If we are a good fit, the next step is a written proposal that summarises our conversation. It sets out the service we’ll provide and the fees we’ll charge. Again, this is with no-obligation, so you can decide to proceed or not.
ID Checks
If you’re happy to proceed, we need to conduct an ID check. This is a standard procedure for any professional service provider because we have to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. We’ll share the results of our check with you.
Letter of Engagement
The next step is our letter of engagement. This is a formal legal letter that confirms everything we have discussed. It sets out the services we will provide and your and our respective responsibilities. It’s the equivalent of a contract and formalises our relationship.
We Get to Work!
Once you’ve signed the letter of engagement, we’ll set you up on Xero and with any other apps you need. We’ll also provide training if you need it. Then we’ll get to work!

Why Vertis

Digital Accounting

Cloud accounting software has transformed the world of accountancy and we’re passionate about the benefits it brings to small businesses.

Small Business-Focused

We’re a small business that loves to work with small businesses because we know we can make a positive difference.

Fixed Fees

Managing cashflow is vital. It’s why we charge a fixed monthly fee that covers everything, with no hidden extras.

New client FAQs

An accountant will be able to assist you in establishing your business and putting in place the important financial foundations for success. It is therefore advisable to appoint an accountant at the outset. A good accountant will reflect the fact you are a new business in their fees, which will start at a lower level and increase as your business grows.

For an established business looking to change accountants there are times that are better than others – for example at the start of a financial year or VAT quarter – but in reality a good accountant will pick up the baton of supporting and advising you whenever they are appointed.

This is a very easy process. It is also one that your new accountant can handle in its entirety if you wish. An incoming accountant is required as a matter of professional etiquette to contact the previous accountant who is similarly required to cooperate and pass over relevant information to the new accountant. This process is ordinarily completed within a week.

Vertis Accounting has chosen to operate digitally with all of our clients. This means that your accounting records are held in online software and are available for both you and us to see and use at any time of the day and from any internet-connected location. It means if you have any questions while you’re working on something, we can look at the same screen at the same time and get it sorted.

There are many advantages from operating digitally – not least the ability to save time, money and effort in your accounting – and we want all of our clients to be able to exploit these. 

Furthermore, the government is pursuing a published agenda to digitise the tax system – Making Tax Digital. This is therefore the direction of travel for all accountants. We have decided to fully embrace this technology before we are compelled to do so because we passionately believe that it delivers great benefits to our clients and ourselves.

Our fees are related to the level of complexity of your business and therefore the extent of the work that we will be required to do on your behalf. A sole trader business is almost certainly going to be less complex or demanding than a limited company.

We will agree an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee with you – this is our annual fee divided by 12. We will not increase this fee unless you ask us to provide additional services. Similarly, we will not issue any surprise invoices to you.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to have a conversation about how Vertis Accounting and digital accountancy could work for your business, Get in Touch. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!