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The expertise of an experienced Chartered Accountant and one of the world’s leading cloud accounting software providers

We are a digital accounting practice because digital accounting software gives small businesses the same accounting capabilities as big companies but at a fraction of the cost. We choose Xero as our software partner because we believe it offers the best cloud accountancy software for small businesses. As a digital accountancy practice, we record data and communicate with you and with government departments in as paperless a manner as possible. But while we’re digital and paperless, we are certainly not faceless. Included as standard in every one of our accountancy packages is unlimited accounting advice and support from Ian Jarvis, a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience.

How Vertis + Xero can streamline your business

The benefits of cloud accounting

Get Paid Faster

With Xero, you can email invoices and your customers can pay you straight from the online invoice. Easier for your customers, quicker for you.

Work Anywhere

Because Xero is cloud-based, you can access your accounts from any internet-connected phone, tablet or computer. Stay up-to-date on the road or in the office.

Gain Visibility

Xero shows the real time numbers and has sophisticated and bespoke reports for tracking and analysing your figures. Keep up-to-date and make more informed decisions.

Save Time and Money

Xero automates everyday accounting tasks so you spend less time on accounts admin and more time on your business. Give yourself more hours in the day.

Reduce Paper

Xero stores all your paperwork digitally and automates accounting admin. It means no more filing cabinets for the accounts or boxes of receipts to store.

Have Peace of Mind

Because Xero is one of the world’s leading cloud accounting tools, you can be confident your data is robustly protected with multiple layers of security.

What our Xero users think

Ian of Vertis Accounting Ltd is a very helpful and knowledgeable accountant. He has been invaluable in helping me set up my business and cloud accounting on Xero. I would recommend using Vertis Accounting Ltd whether you are a startup or an established business.
Gemma Bennett
Design Bank Studios Limited

Get more done with integrated apps

The core Xero software is incredibly impressive and will transform your business accounting. But you can also think of Xero as similar to an iPhone. It’s a core system that has a surrounding ecosystem of applications that link seamlessly with it, adding even more value. The ecosystem transforms Xero from being an incredible accounting system to being an incredible business system. There are more than 900 apps available in the Xero App Marketplace. Here is a small selection of our favourites that we have successfully implemented for clients.

Using Xero in your business

Beautiful accounting software is at the core of everything Xero does. In practice, this means Xero is immensely powerful and also easy-to-use. But if you’re new to Xero when you join us, we’ll give you full training so you know what’s what – and we’ll always be there if you have any questions about how something works.

Xero FAQs

There are many reasons for switching to Xero. Some will have a greater relevance to some businesses than others. Above all, Xero is fantastically capable accounting software that is continuing to develop new features and functionality at pace. “Beautiful Accounting Software” as the people at Xero like to say.

Xero allows busy business owners to save time, money and effort in their accounting processes. These can be automated, information is available in real time, payments from customers can be collected faster and paperless operation is easily achieved. No more printing and filing of documents – it’s all held digitally and available to see whenever and wherever you are.

It is remarkably easy to switch to Xero. We would manage the entire process for you, taking data from your current system, placing this into Xero and training you how to use the new software. Each case is slightly different but we would always expect to be able to make the change and deliver the training within one month.

There is a one month notice period to terminate your Xero subscription.

Xero works on any internet connected device. There is no requirement for high powered equipment. A desktop, laptop or tablet with an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari is all you need.

Yes, you can. The way you do it depends on whether you are a limited company or a sole trader.

If you are a limited company a separate subscription is required for each business. This ensures the integrity of the accounting records for the separate legal entities and also the fact that the companies will have separate bank accounts. You can switch between the two businesses in Xero without having to log out and back in again.

If you are a sole trader engaged in different activities, you could use a function in Xero known as Tracking Categories. This separates out the different activities. You can run separate reports for the different businesses or one report with a column for each business. Invoices can be issued to customers with different logos and business names on them using the Xero branding themes. However, even though it’s possible, we wouldn’t recommend using the same Xero subscription for anything other than the smallest of businesses.

We have established our business as a digital practice and we recommend Xero as the software of choice. We do so because we passionately believe it is the best small business software available. We are though willing to discuss the use of other cloud-based software. We do not work with clients who want to hold records manually.

We provide full user training to all of our Xero clients. This is at the outset and whenever required as a refresher. In truth, the software is so user friendly and logical that we rarely find any client needs more than a few hours training.

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